Recording Services

Tradewind Studio is a family friendly, Christian environment offering professional recording, mixing, and mastering services backed by decades of real world experience.

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Recording Services


Tradewind Studio is outfitted with everything you need to record your unique sound and prepare it for mixing and mastering.



Lean on years of mixing experience to polish and showcase your sound.



At Tradewind Studios, we can master your music to add clarity, punch, depth, and loudness as the final step to preparing your music for distribution.


Customer Reviews

I sent Eric a few samples of different tracks of which I liked the overall sound, and he nailed it! He understood the direction I wanted to take and provided a solid mastered-piece.


We used Tradewind for mastering our EP, and the final product was awesome. Not to mention, the studio's turnaround time is very quick. They worked with us on every aspect to make sure we were truly happy with the product. We are definitely going to use this studio for future releases. For a professional and positive experience, this is the studio for you.

Dusty - Throwaways

My band just recently finished up an EP that Eric at Tradewind Studios mastered for us. His detailed ear for things and just understanding the art of mastering, allowed for us to finally have a product that we feel very proud of! He took it to a whole new level for us!

Robert - Throwaways

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Our Pricing

Service Rate Notes
Recording $45 / hour This includes making the track "mix ready." For example, comping and pitch correction.
Mixing $299 / project For most mixing projects with up to 48 tracks.
Mixing $399 / project For projects with more than 48 tracks.
Mastering $70 / song Note that this applies to songs that have been not recorded and/or mixed at Tradewind Studios.
Mastering $25 / song This applies to songs mixed at Tradewind Studios.

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