Music Lessons

Drum Set, Piano, Voice, Songwriting, Special Needs, as well as Audio courses in Engineering, Mixing and Mastering.

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Piano Lessons

Private lessons that focus on techniques and repertoire as well as musicianship and creative skills.

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Drum Lessons

Develop through a three-phase curriculum under the guidance of Eric, a member of the Professional Drum Teachers Guild.

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Vocal Lessons

Develop the technique essential to performing at a high-level performance, preparing a repertoire, and possessing stage presence.

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Songwriting, Piano, Vocal Combination Lessons

Learn to harness your talent and musical skill to craft songs that express your sound.

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Special Needs

We believe that everyone benefits from exposure to music and discovering their unique sound.

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Learn the technology and technique required to record, mix, and master songs at a professional level.

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Customer Reviews

Our son Keven is 15 and he has always played sports but didnt love any of them enough to commit to the time & effort it takes to succeed as you get older. So late last year we were looking for another outlet for him, and since he loves music we thought lessons might be a good option. We found Tradewind Studios on the internet and scheduled a meeting. We didnt know Eric, and admit that we had reservations about using someone with a home studio rather than a commercial business. But from that first meeting it was clear that this was the place for us, and Keven walked away so excited to get started. Eric had workbooks and material to share in explaining his techniques, his studio is a young musicians dream and his passion for music and for helping others develop their love for it was clear immediately. Keven started lessons right away and its been a completely positive experience. Theres nothing we would change.

Our son has found something he is passionate about, and Eric is terrific at helping him focus, learn and excel by providing individualized lessons based on Keven’s needs and skills. He has also taken the time to learn more about Keven and the types of music he listens to --he even has him play songs from his iPod and then replicates the drum sections for him! Weve been extremely impressed with how quickly Keven has progressed - he’s reading music and using terminology that make him sound like a real musician! His grades and attitude are also better than theyve ever been. Eric does more than just teach music, he serves as another positive adult role model and you can never have too many of them around!

Today Keven is just as excited to go to lessons as he was after that first meeting. If youre even considering lessons for your child we strongly encourage you to meet with Eric and learn more about Progressive Drumming. You won't regret it!

Louie and Beth - parents of drum student

My son Keelan has thoroughly enjoyed learning to play drums with Eric at Tradewind Studios! Eric is an excellent teacher as well as a great mentor. Keelan has learned so much, and feels confident in the skills that he has obtained working with Eric. It is so refreshing to be able to drop him off at his lesson, knowing that he is in a secure christian environment. Eric has really taken the time to get to know my son and our family, forming a personal bond that you do not get everywhere else!

Alesha - parent of drum student

My now 10-year-old son, Jack, has taken lessons with Eric Perry of Tradewind Studios for nearly two years. First and foremost, Eric is a safe person and I am completely comfortable having him in my son's life. Eric makes learning fun, Jack loves going to his lessons, and I see consistent improvement in his playing and his enjoyment of playing. Eric treats these lessons as a partnership and is always available to discuss schedules, progress, equipment, or anything else that helps me understand how the lessons are going and what our next steps should be. He helped us look for good, used drum sets when we were ready for that purchase, and he came to our home to help Jack set everything up since Jack had never done it, and my husband and I wouldn't have known how.

I work part-time at the school where my children attend and have recommended Tradewind Studios to our teachers and to other parents. I unreservedly recommend Eric personally because I am confident other parents (and students) who choose Tradewind for drum lessons will be as pleased and comfortable with their choice as we have been.

Caryn - parent of drum student

My daughter takes voice from Aimee. She is so amazing, and so sweet!

Tammie - parent of student

My son takes lessons from Aimee, and she is amazing! He has enjoyed it so much! I highly recommend Tradewind Studios!

Why Tradewind Studios?

You have a lot of options when it comes to learning a musical discipline. Here are some reasons that you should learn with us.


Our studio and school is a Christian environment and as parents we realize safety is the number one priority in allowing our children to take part in any program. Our studio offers a safe environment in which your child can thrive and learn.


The studio owners are your teachers! We don't hire college kids to teach, we do it all ourselves. Eric and Aimee are masters of their respective crafts, and have been teaching, performing, writing, and recording successfully for many years.


You are learning in a professional recording studio! Unlike other programs that put you in a tiny room in the back of a music store with limited amenities, students at Tradewind will practice and eventually record their project.


No need to travel all the way into Birmingham. We are located in Argo, between Trussville and Springville, convenient also to Moody, Odenville and Margaret.

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Our Pricing

Service Rate Notes
30 Minute Music Lessons $25 Vocal, Piano, Drums
60 Minute Music Lessons $50 Vocal, Piano, Drums
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