Drum Tracking

Tradewind Studio offers drum tracking services in a simple, 3-step process.

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Here's what to do

First: Describe It

Describe your song to the best of your ability.

Second: Choose Your Options

Select your options and preferences below. Default selections have been made for you.

Third: Send It

Submit the form and receive a unique code. Email us the code with your song attached and will respond to you within 72 hours.

Click a drum kit to hear a sample.

Our Pricing

Service Rate Notes
Stereo Mix $100/song This includes one .WAV file of the entire drum kit performance for your review. Note that each modification costs an additional $35.
Stereo Mix Plus Unprocessed Tracks $150/song The Stereo Mix plus each unprocessed element of the drum kit as a separate stereo .WAV file (kick, snare, etc.). This option is recommended if you intend to mix the drums professionally.
Stereo Mix Plus Processed Tracks $200/song The Stereo Mix plus personally processed .WAV files of the drum kit using equalizers, compression, etc. This will ensure that each element can be dropped into your project for a perfect fit every time.

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